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ULAKBIM High Performance and Grid Computing Center is a national HPC center aiming to provide computing environment to the research groups from all over the country and also to coordinate National Grid Initiative (TR-Grid NGI) in Turkey. As well as coordinating the NGI, the Center has designed and built the national grid infrastructure with developing required services and tools. TR-Grid has become a key partner in regional grid projects and EGEE with experienced personnel and sustainable infrastructure.

TR-Grid Objectives:
  • Setup, operate and improve the high performance and grid computing infrastructure (TR-Grid) of Turkey.
  • Lead and coordinate the activities of independent research communities in high performance and grid computing.
  • Participate national and international research e-infrastructure projects to provide the sustainability of TR-Grid via representing National Grid Initiative of Turkey
  • Support the development of grid and high performance applications having high level scientific and social impacts
  • Organize meetings, workshops and trainings to disseminate Grid and HPC awareness and expand user community through the country

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